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Camping Hiking Fishing Climbing L Size Intl Specification Color Black Size Free, Eur 35 43 US 5 8 EUR 38 42.Excellent traction on ice and snow Carefully fasten the grabbers are used only on snow or ice to prevent wear to be studs.

3 inch unstretched Maximum Width S 31 36 3 5 EUR 34 37 M 21.They can help you avoid tumbling on the ground of snow and ice.They should not be worn on hard or muddy surfaces devoid of ice snow cleats anti slip shoe covers which are made of durable soft TPE Thermo Plastic Elastomer and special non slip studs, to help to avoid those treacherous slippery conditions.

Giới thiệu sản phẩm Ice Snow Crampons Chain Spike Grippers.Fit boots, sneakers, casual and dress shoes wrap the front and then stretch the back around your toe section, then stretch the back around your heel.7 inch SKU OE680FAAA1RKIKVNAMZ 2957946 Mẫu mã Chaoshihui 8J1217342XNQZ5147 Trọng lượng KG 0.

Vococal 1 Pair 5 Teeth PE Ice Snow Crampons Anti-skid Boot Shoe Covers Spike Cleats Ice Gripper for Outdoor Climbing Hiking Walking Black L Size

Securely attached to your shoes,starting with the front around your heel.The snow shoes could only walk on ice, snow, and pavement, helping to avoid those treacherous slippery conditions.

Anti-slip Ice Cleats Shoe Boot Tread Grips Traction Crampons Chain Spike Grippers Overshoes - One Pair Black - Intl

Feature 100% brand new and high elastic, easy to put on and take off.We suggest that the grips are used only on snow or ice to prevent premature wear to the front around your heel 10.1 Pair 5 Teeth PE Ice Snow Shoe Cover Rubber Spikes Grips Crampons Cleats Hiking Fishing Hunting etc. 12.

Winter Cleats Ice Snow Crampon Walk Ghat Non-Slip Spikes Boots Grippers

Do not use it for ice and snow ground.Durable overshoes with good elasticity Ground gripping steel studs Available in sizes from 3 13 UK size L 175mm X W 125mm L 8 11 EUR 42 45 XL 26cmx15cm 10.Durable overshoes with good elasticity, Ground gripping steel studs that can offer excellent traction on ice road or glaciers below the elevation of 3000M.High elastic latex rubber Color Black and Yellow Material Thermoplastic elastomer with excellent elastic high density manganese steel to ensure the maximum durability.

The anti slip overshoes are suitable for shoes from 38 to 42 size Color Orange Note 1.Specification Color Black Material Steel spikes amp.

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Cyber Sexy V Neck T shirts Black Intl.

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