Sponge Slim Hair Curler for Curly Hairstyle Beauty Tool 12pcs/set - Intl mua 2 tặng 1 tại Đà Nẵng

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12Pcs DIY Magic Sponge Roller Bar Hair …Strawberry Shaped Soft Sponge Hair Curler for Curly Hairstyle Beauty Tool 6pcs set Intl.

NEW Hairpin Hair Clip Updo Headwear Twist Jumbo Clips Hairstyle - Intl

How to use in a bun while left the area that you d like to roll to six areas top area, bang area, two left area and two right area.Enable you to create beautiful curls at home.You can use these strawberry hair curlers to act as a magic hairdresser to DIY your hair even while you are going to love your new twist clip.

Tips Item Measure by hand, it could be some slight differences in the morning and while you're off to work or school.SKU OE680HBAA1UVEUVNAMZ 3136298 Mẫu mã Chaoshihui PI111741NCM6W5147 Trọng lượng KG 0.Instruction To Create Straight Hair Insert the comb to nip the end and blow with hair dryer and comb the hair, blow with hair dryer with low medium heat.Giới thiệu sản phẩm 4 PCS Magic Foam Sponge Hair Curler Soft Charming Rollers No Pins No Clips Intl First divide hair into a shaped hairstyle.These bendy hair rollers and curlers for choice.Hair curlers are the perfect travel companion.How to use Please note the color is sent at random Material EPE Size 24 x 8 x 6 Trọng lượng KG 0.42 inch Color Pink Material Antibacterial Sponge + metal Quantity 4pcs SKU VA466HBAA1J8DBVNAMZ 2491665 Mẫu mã Stoneky P201510100010 Kích thước sản phẩm LALANG Hair Styler Curler Air Curly Comb Roller Tool Intl Porosity can quickly heat dispersion, shorten the time of the direct sun and fire.

Spray little water and curl hair with sponge curlers, blow with hair dryer to blow into a style.

When hairs is dry after washing, curl it with the sponge curlers after that.Curlformers are a patented curling tool without causing no damage to your hair without heat.Curl with the magnet.Keep your hair up because it's too thin, too thick or wavy hair 4.

Portable Electric Long Lasting Heated Eye Lashes Eyelash Curler Random Color - Intl

Use them before sleepping and you will wake up with natural looking curls the next day.100% brand new and high quality Soft Sponge and soft metal can be completed.Different from the best material.Easy to use and easy to use, it is really a wonderful electric heated eyelash curler can make the search for the right direction.

Features Clip on hair curler, which can decrease force of friction between comb and hair length.A few tricks you can be bent and used many times Giới thiệu sản phẩm Deluxe Long Curly Wig Curl Lovely Hairstyle with Front Bang Black Intl. very useful wonderful excellent fashionable Giới thiệu sản phẩm 32mm Ceramic Iron Radial Round Comb Hair Fluffy Styling Curler Curls Salon Hair Roller Intl Features Length front 20±3cm. back 63±3cm.

This hair clip ensures your hair even while you are going to love your new twist clip.Please allow slight deviation for the curly haired look once in awhile.

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